Bicentennial Minutes

Sunday, February 9, 2003

Years 1831-1851


The Second Congregationalist Church of Verona was formed in 1829 and was pronounced under the Oneida Presbytery in 1830.  This month we will focus on the years 1831 –1851.  During this time in the United States, Andrew Jackson was president.  The tensions between abolitionists and pro-slavery believers increase with many demonstrations taking place.  The Underground Railroad is active and in 1840 the famous conductor Harriet Tubman escapes and begins her journey north.


January 10,1831 The first recorded annual meeting is held at the “meeting house”.


April 18, 1832 the first minister is dismissed from his duties. He is followed by series of ministers that lasted no more than two years each:

          Rev. Eliphalet Spencer 1832-1834

          Rev. Clement Lewis 1834-1835

Rev. Norris Day 1835-1837 (leaving with a salary of $400)

Rev. Benjamin Lockwood 1837-1838


January 1, 1839 Rev. Charles F. Butler begins his ministry in Verona until January 1, 1842 with a salary of $450.00.  He and his wife were both buried in Verona.


May 21, 1837 The First Congregationalist Church located at Blackman’ Corners (which was the original church) could not survive so close to The Second Congregationalist Church in Verona.  Rev. Israel Brainerd and the remaining 20 members were dismissed and then united with the Second Congregationalist Church.


1840 or 1842 A bell was provided for the church, which previously had none.  The bell has the date 1839 casted on it and the name W.H. Munger inside.  Mr. Munger was active in its purchase and the bell was most likely shipped to him.  The bell was rung three times every day for many years at 9 a.m., noon, and 9p.m. The bell was also tolled at the event of a death.  This observance is no longer practiced.


August 4, 1843 Rev. Washington Stickney was installed and remained in service only until February 7 1844.  His beliefs on slavery as a staunch abolitionist are said to have led to his quick dismissal.


August 1844 Reverend Henry Kendall began working at the Verona church and was dismissed from Verona on October 20, 1848


June 1, 1849 Reverend Nathan Bosworth began his service to Verona for about one year.


June 1, 1850 Reverend Sidney H Barteau served from this date until October 15, 1852.


April 2, 1851 The parsonage was purchased from Calvin Bishop and Lyman Wilcox.  The purchase was made for $1,000.


These are some of the significant people, dates and events of our church’s early history.