Church Events

Sunday, March 9, 2003

Years 1852-1877



Nationally, the years of 1852- 1877 marked an era in our history filled with turmoil, unrest, and war.  This was the time period when the abolitionists spoke out strongly against slavery.  In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States and South Carolina seceded from the union.  In 1861, the Confederate States of America are formed and on April 12 the Civil War began when Fort Sumter was attacked.  In 1862, President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves worth over two million dollars.  The war ended in 1865 when General Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox, Virginia.  The Reconstruction Era was at its height in 1870.


When we left off in 1851, Rev. Sydney H. Barteau was minister and the parsonage was purchased from Calvin Bishop and Lyman Wilcox for $1,000.  Rev. Barteau was dismissd as pastor in 1852.


Those serving as pastor during this time were as follows:


February 23, 1853  Rev. Charles Machin was installed. He served until May 15, 1857.  In 1854, he was a delegate at the First Republican state convention and was present at the nomination of Abraham Lincoln for president.


February 23, 1859  Rev. John Wesley Whitfield began his service which lasted until October 9, 1861.


Winter 1861-1862  Reverend Mr. Rollo served as pastor


  Rev Benjamin F. Willoughby served from November 1862 until the Spring of 1865.  He earned a yearly salary of $510.


June 4, 1865  Rev.Abel S. Wood served as pastor until January 1, 1867.  The yearly salary was now $800.


June 17, 1868  Rev. David I. Biggar was installed and served until October 1877.  This was the longest term any pastor thus far had served.  In return for his service, he earned $700 and the parsonage.


During this time period of 1852 to 1870 there were a several changes to the church.


The first was the purchase of a reed organ in the 1850’s.  This was the organ used until 1873 when a pipe organ was purchased for about $800.  The pipe organ stood in the gallery for about 10 years when it was moved to the side of the pulpit.  The first tune played on it was “Coronation.”


The church was rededicated in the Winter of 1866-1867.


There was a seven piece communion service purchased for $38.00.


In 1870, the church lawn was graded and ornamental trees were set.  In 1900, only on large elm tree remained.  The grounds were also enclosed with posts and ornamental chains.


Bicentennial Moment


Possibly, the most important change to the church itself during this time was the remodeling of the church building in 1866.  The following changes were made for the total cost of almost $4,000:


§       Old square windows were replaced with modern stain glass windows

§       The gallery on the sides were removed

§       The pulpit was moved to the opposite end of the auditorium

§       Pews were replaced with modern pews.

§       Stoves were moved to the basement

§       An additional strip of land was purchased for $95.75 from Henry Maycock for a chapel to be built on the rear of the church.