Church Events For 1920 - 1937


As we begin our Church Events this month, we reflect back to the 1920's.  In 1920, women were given the right to vote, prohibition was started, and Babe Ruth signed with the New York Yankees.  During the 1920's, we saw the following important events: Adolph Hitler came to power, speakeasies and jazz music were developed, Al Capone became a crime boss, and on October 29, 1929 the stock market crashed.  The next decade brought us the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt as president and Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific.


Mean while, Verona First was continuing to do well................


On May 1, 1921 Rev. Wilbur Augustus Wagar began serving the church.  He continued to serve the church until January 15, 1924.


In January 1922, the illuminated bulletin board was placed on the lawn.  It was given by the Sunday School.


In 1924 the number of elders was reduced to five.


On May 25, 1924 George Edward Davies came to Verona and joined the church.  He was not yet ordained but served the church until February 1, 1925.


On December 23, 1924 the church was first lit with electricity.


March 1, 1925 until March 1, 1927 Rev. John Hugh Stewart served the church.


On September 1, 1927 Rev. W. J. A. Graham began his labors at Verona First.  His labors ended on October 15, 1936.


In June 1931 B.J. Dodge brought the American Flag to Verona First from General Assembly.  The Philathea class donated the Christian Flag.


In 1932 the communion cup holders were placed in the pews.


On February 28, 1937 Rev, Clarence Eugene Doane began serving the church.


On November 7, 1937 the church was presented with the first electric clock.


Bicentennial Moment


  In 1930, during the pastorate of Rev. Graham, when women did not server as deacons, the Triple-G class began.  (The three Gs represented GRACE, GRIT, and GUMPTION).  This organization was more than a social club for women.  Members eventually met once a month, donated coinage for church dues, and, later, established a Blanket Club.  Within ten years of its inception, membership numbered in the twenties.