Church Events 1938-1945


In the World:


            In 1938  Thornton Wilder wins the Pulitzer Prize for "Our Town".  The films Gone with the Wind and the Wizard of Oz are released in movie theaters. Walt Disney makes the first full length animated cartoon film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."  Zoot Suits become all the rage.  In 1940, Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected to a third term as President of the United States.  Dec. 7, 1941 Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor leads to the declaration of war by President Roosevelt and his address to Congress and the world as “A day that will live in infamy."  June 6, 1944 Allied Forces storm the beaches of Normandy in the D Day Invasion of Nazi occupied France.  In 1945, war ends in the European and Pacific theaters.


Against this background the church in Verona carried on:


- On April 24, 1938 a bronze tablet honoring the first Six Ruling Elders was placed in the church.


- In 1938 a concrete walk was laid for the church.


- Rev. Clarence Doane served as pastor until March 31, 1940.


- There are 160 members of the church as of Dec., 31 1940


- On Nov. 29, 1940, Rev. Thomas Glenn Cannen was ordained at 8PM in the First Presbyterian Church of Verona.


- The 1941 church bulletin urged congregation members;  “Let us remember the young men of selective service age in our government training camps.”


- There are several references over the 1940’s to the all day sewing meeting of the Missionary Society at Mrs. Mary Aegerter’s home.


- June 6, 1942, the session asks that US Armed Service Chaplain cards be sent to church members or family. 


- September 6, 1942, the Session Meeting record shows Dr. J. D. George, Jr., enlists in the Armed Forces.


- In 1943 Sunday School hymnals are purchased for $24.18.


- Nov. 19, 1944 the baptismal font at the front of the sanctuary is dedicated in memory of Carolyn Dodge Jackson, by her children.


- On July 28,1944 the session votes for dissolution of service of Rev. Thomas Cannen who has received a call of service in Philipsburg, NJ.


- On Aug. 11, 1944 the congregation votes for dissolution.



Bicentennial Moment


  On September 11, 1938 the church celebrated it 135th anniversary.  The event was planned and conducted by Rev. Clarence E. Doanne.


  The first event of the day was the sermon at 10 o’clock given by the Pastor.  Elder B. J. Dodge then presented an historical paper.


  A communion service was held at 3 PM.  During this service, four members were received and one baby was baptized.


  Finally, at 7:30 a pageant was held.  The pageant depicted the history of the church.  During this, a spirit of unity was shown between the Verona Church and the Vernon Church.  The Pastor was serving both churches at this time.


  The day ended with the “breaking of the cake.”  The Pastor’s wife made a cake in the shape of the church.  The elders served it and there was plenty left over.