Church Events 1946-59


In the nation and the world:


Europe was recovering and restructuring from WW II.  In the early 1950’s, the Korean War necessitated American military involvement and the impact of McCarthyism plagued the U. S.  ‘Ike’ Eisenhower was President for 8 years.  A new music known as rocking roll, hula hoops, saddle shoes, and America branching out into the suburbs marked this era.


Locally, at Verona First:


- On April 11, 1945, Rev. Samuel Southern was installed and served until June of 1958


- In October 1945, worship service changed from 10 o’clock to 10:30


- In 1946, membership numbered at 153


- On Sept. 13, 1953, at 8:00 p.m., Verona First celebrated its 150th anniversary


- In October 1953, the new platform and steps were dedicated


- In 1954, the old manse sold for 7500 dollars.  There were proposals for a new building; it would involve a 4000 dollar loan


- In April 1956, the Conn electric organ was installed


- In January 1958, chimes were donated by Mrs. Angell


- On July 26, 1959, Rev. F. David Pudsell was installed and served until November of 1961


- In Sept. 1959, a card of welcome and a list of church activities were sent to all village newcomers


- In 1959, Ken Collins made and mounted a bulletin board in the vestibule



Bicentennial Moment


     The Presbyterian Church (USA) voted to (legally) ordain women as pastors in 1956.  There have been no women pastors at Verona First.  In a 1999 survey, PCUSA found that 3,420 women in active ministry comprised almost one-fourth of all active Presbyterian ministers.  In 1889, the Nolin Presbytery of the Cumberland, Kentucky Presbyterian Church (locally) ordained Louisa Woosley – making her the first Presbyterian woman pastor.