Bicentennial Minutes

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Years 1980-1989


During this time period the average salary was $15,757 and minimum wage was $3.10.  In 1980 Jimmy Carter was president and the US boycotted the Olympics in Moscow.  From 1981-1989, Ronald Reagan was president.  He was the oldest man and the first Hollywood actor elected to the office of President.  He also appointed the first woman to the Supreme Court.  On January 28, 1986 the space shuttle challenger exploded killing all seven astronauts.  Among the seven was school teacher Christa McAuliffe.  In January of 1989, George Bush became president.  He was the second President to have a son also elected to the office.  The pop culture included Prince Charles marrying Diana, cabbage dolls, Nintendo, Michael Jackson, Nintendo, and Dustin Hoffman wins a best actor Oscar for Rain Man.


Meanwhile in Verona, NY:

There was talk around the town about a casino that was going to be built by the Oneida Indian Nation. 


1980-1984 Verona Firstís minister was the Rev. Richard A. Geiger, a graduate of Syracuse University.  During his time, we were yoked with the Cochran Memorial Church of Oneida Castle.  Rev. Geiger passed away June 29, 1989.


September of 1984  The Rev. P. Arthur Brindisi was Verona Firstsí part time interim pastor.  He was slated to be at Verona First for approximately seven months but wound up being our minister for seven YEARS.  At this time we were still yoked with Cochran Memorial Church.


February 1985  Verona First ended their yoked relationship with the Cochran Memorial Church.


June 1986   Rev. P. Arthur Brindisi went from interim minister to a stated supply minister and stayed with us through the 1980ís until June of 1991.


Bicentennial Moment


One of the biggest accomplishments made during the Rev. Brindisiís ministry at Verona First was having the church and the fellowship hall resided.  The saying about town was that Verona First Presbyterian was the whitest church around!